Supervised Theses

Currently active:

Tabea Hensel (Ma)
Validation of the application of readability formulas to determine learning level and study load
In coöperation with Kennisnet.

Chris Kramer (Ma)
Majority opinion and the influence of authority perception on perceived credibility
In coöperation with Factlink.

Welmoed Looge (Ba)
Article Feedback Tool: Supporting credibility evaluations on Wikipedia

Ewald Maas (Ma)
The role of motivation in online credibility judgments of information

Roger Wolf (Ba)
Validation of the Flesch readability formula


Andreas Bremer (Ba)
Trust of high school students in Wikipedia

Martijn Broeks (Ba)
Exploring electrodermal activity, experienced workload and performance during simulator training
In coöperation with Auto- en Motorrijschool Lucassen.

Kei Long Cheung (Ba)
Predicting trust in Wikipedia articles

Niklas von der Golz (Ba)
Influence of the first impression on credibility evaluation of online information

Tabea Hensel (Ba)
Impact of duration of the search on trust judgment of Wikipedia articles

Knut Jägersberg (Ba)
Appraise this, appraise that : everyday Wikipedia credibility assessments of high school students and university students

Chris Kramer (Ba)
Personal, medium and source-dependent trust and their influence on judgment

Rienco Muilwijk (Ma)
Trust in online information – A comparison among high school students, college students and PhD students with regard to trust in Wikipedia

Koen Remmerswaal (Ba)
Trustworthiness of Wikipedia

Malte Risto (Ma)
Factors influencing trust in Wikipedia: an eye-tracking approach

Lotta Schulze (Ba)
Different users-Different support? Support systems for the evaluation of credibility and the role of familiarity

Raphaela Schnittker (Ba)
Electrodermal activity of novice drivers during driving simulator training – an explorative study
In coöperation with Auto- en Motorrijschool Lucassen.

Bard Wartena (Ba)
Safe Sexting ? Perceived legitimacy, perceived risk and perceived sharing risk in online publication of pictures of a personal nature

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